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Product ID: TRA189
Sale Price: $6.99 $4.19
You Save: $2.80
Instantly Add Amazing Entrance & Exit Transition Effects To Your Web Pages With Tranzitionz!


Instantly Add Amazing Entrance & Exit Transition Effects To Your Web Pages With Tranzitionz!


  • Amaze Your Site Visitors With Awesome, Animated, Attention-Grabbing, Captivating, Eye-Popping Special Effects As They Enter & Exit Your Web Pages


  • Turn Ordinary Static Web Pages Into Dazzling, Animated Professional Quality Presentations


  • Add TV-Like Presentation-Styled Special Effects To Your Site


  • Instantly & Effortlessly Enhance The Design & Overall Appearance Of Your Site


  • Instantly Make Your Site Look More Professional

    Having a more professional looking site instantly boosts how visitors perceive your site and what you have to offer. The enhanced trust and confidence from your visitors can help increase your repeat visits, sign-ups, conversions and sales. 


  • Make The Effects Appear When Visitors Enter Or Exit A Web Page...And Even When They Enter Or Exit Your Entire Site As A Whole

  • You can set the transition effects to be shown for 4 different events:

    Page Entrance: When a visitor enters the web page

    Page Exit: When a visitor exits the web page

    Site Entrance: When a visitor enters the site after coming from another site domain

    Site Exit:When a visitor exits the site by loading another site domain

    You can use transitions for just 1, 2, 3, or all 4 types of events on your web pages...it's all up to you.


  • Show A Rotation Of Transition Effects

  • You can present an unlimited number of transition effects to your site visitors via the built-in Random Rotation system of Tranzitionz.

    Each time someone visits your web page, one of the effects in your Random Rotation list will be shown. Your rotation list can include as little as one effect up to an unlimited number of effects.


  • Control How Often Visitors See Your Transition Effects

  • You have total control over how often your visitors are shown the transition effects. You can have the effects appear each time the page is visited, only once per browser session, or even set a time period of your choice between the display of the effects to each visitor.


  • Quick & Easy Tab Interface

  • The convenient tab-styled setup of Tranzitionz allows you to quickly and easily move back and forth throughout each step instantly with a simple click on a tab!


  • No Programming Skills Needed At All - You Simply Make A Few Clicks Then Copy & Paste - It's That Quick & Easy!

  • Tranzitionz generates all of the code for you. You simply make a few point-and-click selections to have your code instantly generated for you, then follow the super easy copy-and-paste instructions to instantly add the amazing transition effects to your web pages in seconds.

    Plus, all of the processing to display each transition effect happens on the client side just like regular HTML in your web page, so there is no server strain or processing involved at all. Each transition effect is automatically processed and displayed using built-in features within the visitor's web browser.


  • Choose From A Vast Collection Of Transition Effects

  • Here are the 62 amazing transition effects that you can create with Tranzitionz. Scroll through the list on the left below to get descriptions of each effect.

    To preview an effect, simply select the effect in the droplist on the right below in the Mini Preview Window then click on the Preview button.

    You will be able to set the duration that each transition effect appears to the number of seconds of your choice. Also, many effects allow for further customizable settings, so you can create even more uniquely styled effects.

    Plus you can make your transition effects stand out even more with the Quick Pre-Exit Effects feature.

    Transitions stand out more when the current and new pages have contrasting colors and/or designs. If your page links to other pages with a similar page style and colors, then the transition effect may not stand out much.

    But by applying a quick pre-exit effect to the page before the next page loads, you can automatically add more pizzazz to the transition effect without having to change the designs of your web pages.

    Choose from 40 different quick pre-exit effects. Each pre-exit effect will give the web page being exited a different appearance during the transition period, which will make your transition effects even more amazing and dazzling.

    Here are the 40 Quick Pre-Exit Effects that you can choose from. You can select as few or as many as you want. One of your selected effects will be picked at random to be applied just before the page is exited.


    NOTE: You must have any version of Windows and Internet Explorer version 5.5 or greater to use Tranzitionz. IE5.5+ is required to view all of the transition effects, but some of the effects will show in earlier versions of IE. The overwhelming majority of people use an IE5.5+ browser, so virtually everyone will be able to view all of the transition effects on your site. For those with web browsers that do not support the transition effects, their browsing experience will not be affected. They simply will not see the transition effects as they enter and exit a page with the transitions code installed.


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