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Forum Secrets
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Forum Secrets

Product ID: FOR487
Sale Price: $5.99 $3.59
You Save: $2.40
If you're using online forums to post your marketing and advertising messages, congratulations! You're ahead of the game!

Forum Secrets

Make the Most of Your Posts

If you're using online forums to post your
marketing and advertising messages, congratulations! You're ahead of the game!

But are you receiving a large number of
responses and increased web traffic?


Read this next sentence carefully: You can make money from every forum posting - if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, most people don't - and their forum postings go unread and ignored, wasting time and money.

With "Forum Secrets," I'll provide you with all of the insider's tricks to making money.

Why trust my advice?

As a longtime member of the online marketing community, I'm one of a handful of people who earns more than $10,000+ per month - every month! With my "Forum Secrets" ebook, you'll receive the most effective crash course on raking in revenues through online forums - and that's only the beginning. As we work together and build a business relationship, I'll have even more advice on other areas that can transform you from an amateur to a successful entrepreneur?guaranteed.

Special Bonus: Full Master Resale Rights
When you purchase this e-book, we will grant you master resale rights. This means YOU CAN SELL "FORUM SECRETS" ON YOUR WEBSITE WITHOUT PAYING US ANY ROYALTY OR LICENSING FEES. YOU KEEP 100% OF YOUR PROFITS! There are no hidden costs or surprises. All we ask is that you charge the recommended price: $9.95

What Can "Forum Secrets" Do for You?

       Welcome to the global village! Online forums give people all over the world a chance to share similar interests and participate in an Internet-based community. Savvy marketers use forums to sell products and services to a targeted niche market- without spending a dime on advertising. They're the best free advertising vehicle on the Internet if you know how to create buzz and post messages with impact.

       But forum advertising will bomb if you fail to understand what separates a successful post from the ones that go unread.

The Secrets of "Forum Secrets"

With "Forum Secrets," you'll learn how to use online forums to:

  • Build business relationships

  • Generate quality sales leads

  • Close sales

  • Boost revenues and earn significantly more money.

What's Inside?

"Forum Secrets" is a five-part educational e-book course that features hundreds of pragmatic and innovative tips to rev up your forum postings. Whether you're a newbie who has never posted to forums before, or a veteran forum poster who is plagued by poor response, "Forum Secrets" will teach you beginning intermediate and advanced marketing techniques for unmatched posting success.

Among the topics covered:

  • The psychology of a winning post.

  • The hidden dangers of crafting bad posts.

  • How to target the right audience and gain maximum exposure.

  • How to test posts and conduct market research to learn which ones work - and which ones may actually backfire.

  • How to build a relationship with a forum's host so you can receive top billing and get more freebies.

  • How to use my "Power P.S." technique to create a sense of urgency.

  • How to write a dynamic sales letter, using my proven templates.

  • How to use my "Slingshot Method" to move your posts to the top of the list - and keep them there.

  • How to write "open-ended posts" that are guaranteed to generate response. (I can average up to 800 responses to a single post!)

  • How to use keywords to achieve rankings in top search engines.

  • How to outfox your business competitors.


What Our Customers Have to Say...

He received more than 200 responses in one week

"As a businessman with a hectic schedule, I never really gave much thought to the power of online forums. I have to confess: I stumbled upon your "Forum Secrets" by looking for resources on a search engine, and you popped right up. I decided to give it a try, realizing that my investment in your e-book would be a classic case of spending money to make money. All I can say is that you exceeded my expectations! Following your advice, I created one post, which I listed on two forums. I've received more than 200 responses in only a week, and my website traffic has increased exponentially. Consider me a satisfied customer. Please let me know when your next e-book is available!"

His posts went from bland to bonanzas overnight...

"I've posted marketing messages on online forums over the years, but I never experienced much success. Half of my posts never even made it onto the forum because moderators would censor them, accusing me of spamming and yanking my forum privileges. I bought Forum Secrets to see if I could pick up some tips that wouldn't send me into forum "exile" - and they worked! My posts are receiving responses, and new customers are checking out my website in droves. Thanks for revitalizing my business!"

Why Choose "Forum Secrets"?

       "Forum Secrets" is an electronic book. Once you buy it, you'll receive a downloadable file that launches the book, and you'll automatically receive updates and revisions, as they become available. There are no membership fees, and your purchase qualifies you for discounts on future products.

And once you buy "Forum Secrets," you own it for life-and you can sell it for life!


Get Instant Access Now!

Forum Secrets e-Book
w/Full Master Resale Rights


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